Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Egyptian Tattoos

Egyptian tattoos are very beautiful in nature and with such a variety of artwork to choose from, it can be difficult deciding on simply one design.

Some of the most common Egyptian tattoos include, The eye of Horus (sound eye, Wadjet) which is believed by many to possess power, prosperity, protection and wisdom.

Other popular Egyptian god tattoos include, Hathor the Goddess of love, music, dance and is represented by cow horns and a sundisk on the head. Anubis is know as the god of embalming and is represented by the head of a jackal. Ma'at is known as the goddess of justice and is seen with an ostrich feather in her hair along with winged armed.

Enjoy these beautiful pictures of wonderful tattoo ideas.

Cats were highly regarded by many ancient Egyptians and were better known by the name "mau". Its quite common to see Egyptian themed cat tattoos.

These type of tattoos are seen on various locations of the body, with the back and arms being the most common areas.

Other Egyptian tattoo designs that are quite popular is the Scarab Beetle, which is often seen in the form of an amulet. And of course the very common Ankh (Cross) which is perhaps the most recognizable symbol of ancient Egypt, along with the mysteriously intriguing hieroglyphics.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Eagle Tattoos

As we mentioned before, if you are an animal lover and seeking a bird tattoo of any type, you are in for a treat, because bird tattoos are hands down some of the most captivatingly beautiful works of art on the market.

Not surprisingly eagle tattoos are perhaps the most common of all bird designs, which comes naturally for those of us in America, when you consider that eagles go hand in hand with the American flag and are symbolic of freedom, prosperity and patriotism towards the United States.

Enjoy this picture gallery of fantastic eagle artwork which will most certainly help you come up with a few ideas.

The most common location for an eagle tattoo includes the back, chest, bicep and calf area.

As for the details of the actual design, it seems that many people like to have the eagle donning open wings to appear in flight or perhaps swooping or striking its prey.

Some people choose to combined multiple designs into one piece of art, however unlike many other tattoo ideas, an eagle is such a prominently beautiful creature they look exceptionally bold as a stand along piece of artwork.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Beauty of Floral Tattoos

Tattoos can represent various symbols and have been recognized as an art form. Both Men and women like to imprint tattoos on their bodies to follow the latest fashion. Women in particular, are more fascinated with floral tattoos. What is it about floral tattoos that cause women to prefer them over other symbols? Clearly, floral tattoos convey femininity.
Floral Tattoos
 Floral Tattoos

Many tattoos are currently available in floral designs which can be modified to suit individual preference. Women can choose the ones that match their character and personality. The internet is a very good place to search and find many designs for floral tattoos.

Historically, it has been noted that body art has been used as a most influential and powerful form of self expression. Relative to other symbols and aesthetics, floral tattoos often have perfect symmetry that satisfies a woman's desire for beauty and fashion. Symbolically, flowers are perceived to induce purity, fragility, femininity, and seductiveness. Nevertheless, different ethnic customs attribute many different meanings to each type of flower.

Floral TattoosFloral TattoosFloral Tattoos
  Floral Tattoos

There are a number symbols that are represented within more famous tattoos. Normally, flowers such as roses, hibiscus, orchids, lilies, and lotus are chosen as a basis for floral tattoos. They are often worn to represent a person who is close to the owner of the tattoo. Such symbols express an array of qualities and emotions such as passion, grace, nobility, love, refinement, perseverance, and majesty. Once merged with the other elements, these floral tattoos take on a variety of meanings that completely transform the final outcome.

Floral TattoosFloral Tattoos
 Floral Tattoos

Tribal elements are often encountered in traditional tattoos and instantly instill more captivating effect. Traditional tattoos can be more flexible and allow greater potential for self expression. Tribal elements encompass a mystifying appeal that enhances the sexiness of a tattoo. Tribal elements are often chosen by women considering a dramatic design for a whole body tattoo; they can however also be used to create a much smaller artistic tattoo that appears more complex and attractive.

Floral TattoosFloral Tattoos
 Floral Tattoos
Floral tattoos can be imprinted on the different body parts according to personal preference and ideals. Many women select body areas like rib cage, shoulder blade, or lower back. Nevertheless, it is not rare too to see women sporting tattoos on their arms and ankles.

Floral TattoosFloral TattoosFloral Tattoos
 Floral Tattoos

Tattoo coloration is also a vital aspect to be considered. Any decision on tattoo coloration can significantly affect the final outcome and should be considered as part of the overall design. So, as you customize the final design of your tattoo, ensure you have properly considered and evaluated the colors as well as the meanings.

Article by: Wendy Gorman 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Dragonfly Tattoos

The dragonfly is an exceptionally beautiful creature which seem to possess a certain mystical quality, perhaps because of their resemblance to what a fairy is imagined to look like, or maybe its because of the ancient Asian myth that a dragonfly represents virtues including happiness, success and victory among other positive aspects.

Dragonfly tattoos are also enjoyed by both men and women, unlike butterfly and fairy artwork which is most commonly seen on women alone.

Checkout these cool pictures which will most certainly give you some great ideas for your dragonfly tattoo masterpiece.

Dragonfly tattoos are very rangy in both style and size, as we see a few of excellent designs above, one being a large back piece and another much smaller ankle pic.

Some other common locations include the foot, which is perfect for very small tattoos, and the hip which is popular among girls.

The is no color restrictions for this type of tattoo, in fact we've seen just about every color under the sun, but perhaps more commonly, blue, purple, green and black ink are used.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Phoenix Tattoo Design

If there was one majestic bird that captivated thousands of audience members of the Harry Potter books and movies; it was that of Professor Dumbledore's magnificent pet - the Phoenix. This bird, which is represented in many different cultures, can also be found in abundance of the backs of tattoo aficionados. Why on the back, I am not too sure, but it seems like the proper place for such an exuberant, mythical creature!

Phoenix Tattoo DesignPhoenix Tattoo Design

The phoenix of Egyptian mythology speaks of an ancient bird that cry was so soulful and beautiful that it could captivate humans in a purely magical way. The creature is said to have lived in the desert for 500 years before it would consume itself in a blaze of fire. Then, from its own ashes, it would be reborn to live another 500 years! As it flew through the skies above, it could leave a trail of fire, thus alerting all to its presence.

Phoenix Tattoo DesignPhoenix Tattoo Design

The phoenix of Chinese origin was composed much like other Chinese creatures - out of parts of other (more widely known and recognized) animals. It was said to have the head of a pheasant, a comb on top of its head (the red, floppy part of a rooster), the beak of a bird (specifically a swallow), the neck of a tortoise, and flame-like appendages (those appendages were similar to that of a common bird). It was an imaginary animal considered a bird of good luck and longevity. (Really, is there anything Chinese that is not considered THAT?!) The phoenix of China was meant to have several different colors of feathers. They were red, yellow, black, blue, and white. All colors contained the hidden virtues. Red stands for a long life and good luck; yellow is for protection against evil; black is for self-cultivation; blue is for knowledge; white is for peace and purity.

Phoenix Tattoo DesignPhoenix Tattoo Design

Many people tend to do what I feel I have done, as far as the Chinese culture is concerned. Lost in our own mutt-like heritages, we grasp for the beauty and intense values that revolve around both the language and the life that is its ancient culture. In the unending search to belong to something greater (that is, if religion is not much of an option that you are interested in), the Chinese proverbs and drops of wisdom that encompass many of the mythical creatures (phoenix, dragons, etc.) is truly appealing when trying to fill that void. Sorry about that - I seemed to have dropped into an abyss of deep thoughts!

Phoenix Tattoo DesignPhoenix Tattoo Design

For whatever the rhyme or reason that lurks behind this beast, the phoenix has become a symbol that many have decided truly "speaks" for them. The wiles of a tattoo tend to surface, and, lo and behold, a phoenix spreads its painted wings on the backs of others, for all to see. It makes me wonder if all of the virtues that the colors hold to, can somehow seep into me . . . perhaps a new tattoo in my future? Let me consult my fortune cookie.

Article By: Michael Mantis